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Why I Swear By Yoga

By December 22, 2016Health & Fitness

Leading such a busy life often leaves me feeling stressed and lethargic. Between managing my property developments, filming The Real Housewives of Melbourne and caring for my beautiful sons, there isn’t much time for me to relax and unwind.

However, since working yoga into my exercise routine, I’ve found the stresses that life throws at me are much easier to conquer.

The positive and uplifting impact that working a simple yoga session into my weekly schedule has been incredible!

I’m definitely more sustained, focused and best of all…


Did you know that maintaining a consistent yoga routine can lead to a dramatic increase in serotonin levels? And what is serotonin responsible for?

Our happiness! That’s what!

Not only has yoga had a positive impact on my mental health and wellbeing, but it also keeps me feeling and looking strong and toned.

As most of you know, I’m 100% natural. I’ve never gone under the knife. I owe my physique to hard work and dedication. Yoga, in addition to other daily exercise and healthy eating, has increased my muscle strength, which not only keeps me looking trim, but also protects me from bone conditions.

Another thing I absolutely love about yoga is that fits into any busy schedule. Yoga literally requires nothing but your yoga mat and yourself.

Which means you basically do it anywhere!

How great is that?

Being someone that is required to travel a lot, having something that is so practicable in my exercise regime has made consistently maintaining my physique a breeze.

One tip that I always tell anyone who is considering taking up yoga is to start off with easier poses, such as the mountain pose or the downward dog, and work your way up to more difficult positions!

Until next time,


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