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Super Food Basket Competition: Enter Now

By November 20, 2016Health & Fitness

Congratulations, you’ve completed FITober, but hard work doesn’t end here!

Hope you’ve enjoyed getting your bodies into shape! Whilst daily exercise is always important and should be a part of your daily routine, it’s as important to concentrate on healthy eating and incorporating some Superfoods into your eating plan.

In order to inspire you to shakeup your diet, I’m giving away a Superfood basket filled with some of my favourite products! Each item is packed with incredibly nutritious ingredients that contribute to feeling leaner and healthier.

Enter the codeword ‘Food is Medicine’ while registering for your chance to win.

Stay tuned for some highly nutritious recipes and healthy eating tips that are sure to assist in improving your diet.

So come with me on my journey to feeling fitter through healthy eating and off course continuing to exercise!

Strong is the new beautiful,

Pettifleur x

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