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By March 27, 2016RHOM Blog

Gamble looks gorgeous and very happy as she walks down the stairs as Mrs Rick Wolf. We all gather around to wish her well.
Horny Brian chest pumped, gathers around us girls, Janet feeds him to the wolves to get interrogated and leaves. Ha, ha! Perhaps this is payback for Brian’s cheating?

We interrogate Brian and he is like a pig in mud by the attention he is getting from us girls and too stupid to realise that most of us were disgusted by his infidelity.

Brian was proudly delivering his lack of morals and enjoying every moment of his bragging. I don’t think Brian could comprehend how demoralising it was to do this to Janet.

In the meantime Chyka, Jackie and Janet are busy confronting all the guest at the reception regarding Gina’s whereabouts. What are they? Detectives? Or are they just stirring trouble?

Considering Gina had spent a tremendous amount of time with Gamble shopping for lingerie, assisting her celebrant, joining Gamble to see the wedding planner, I mean give the woman a break! What, does Gamble want Gina to do? tuck her in bed and kiss her goodnight?


Wedding Speeches Photo

Now we get to the speeches, I loved Luke’s speech, I was moved by what Luke says and the connection he has with Gamble. Rick, no doubt is a beautiful man and adores Gamble. I am really happy to be a part of Gamble’s big day.

Unsatisfied by the drama created, Chyka and Janet decides to grow some iron balls and confront Gina at Gamble’s reception.  I am surprised Gina didn’t tell them to both f**k off sooner.  It was hilarious to see the looks on Chyka & Janet’s face.

Gina’s visit to the nursing home to see her father really hit home to me. My father is my everything to me. It is very hard to see a loved one suffering from dementia slip away in front on your eyes.

As Chessie walks into Chyka’s office, you see a massive painting of Chyka in the foyer. Phew!! Darn! I have been out numbered by Chyka, she has her whole staff, visitors (etc) view her portrait everyday.

Chessie has clearly made up her mind and this meeting is to tell her parent she is done with university.
It seems a bit strange that Chyka and Bruce were unaware of how Chessie was feeling.
As parents, we don’t get a manual how to raise our kids and we do the best we can, however it did not sit well with me when Chyka says to Chessie: “You can’t say uni is bull sh*t,” and Chessie snaps back “Have you gone to uni?” It comes across as belittling and challenging her mother.

Now we cut to Janet and Susie’s date (Susie’s date night from hell.) Susie is very excited to see Mr Casanova, (sorry Marcello!!!) This man was an absolute chauvinistic and self absorbed opportunist. Susie should have done a runner way before the main meal. In conclusion it was bloody hilarious.


White Dress Collage


Lydia and I are invited to Gina’s place for her son Myles’ birthday. I am not surprised the other women are off the list after all the drama at Gamble’s reception. Gina’s family is very warm, friendly and loud, It was hilarious to find out Gina cooked in high heels, party dress and jewellery.  I am longing for the day I see Gina in flats, a pair of juicy couture tracks pants, hair pulled back and with only a bit of lip gloss.


Episode 6 Blog Post Feature Image


After our meal Lydia and I join Gina in the kitchen and the conversation turns to a few burning issues. Gina did say to Chyka, Janet and Jackie that she was having a viewing party, later at the wedding reception when questioned by the detectives. She goes on to explain a different sequence of events.  I see holes in Gina’s story, however it does not excuse the other women to fuel Gamble and try to catch Gina out with a lie.

Friends are supposed to help each other. The other issue is that Gamble needs to be up front with Gina instead of going to the other women and bitching behind Gina’s back. I do agree with Gina, perhaps she has every right to question Gamble’s friendship. Perhaps Gamble is attention seeking from all the other women now. (Obviously not me.) If she did I would set her straight and avoid the kerfuffle they are going through at the moment.

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