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By March 20, 2016RHOM Blog

After the tumultuous wedding invite, the big wedding day was never going to be a walk in the park for me. Or in this instance, I should say, the beach.

I am going to support Gamble and help her to celebrate one of the most important days of her life. Mentally, I am prepared to move on and leave behine what had happened. This day is about Gamble and her lovely partner, Rick.

The wedding celebrations continued with a beautifully organised champagne breakfast.

A moment that really touched me was meeting Gamble’s mother. She was such a soft, warm woman. A woman who Gamble said worked 12 to 14 hour days to support her family.

Rick and Gamble’s mum shared a moment in the garden that had me all teary… mostly because it reminded me of my incredible father.

It’s those types of moments that really leave a mark on you, and Gamble’s mum, sharing her approval of Rick, was one of those special moments.

Another moment that I thoroughly enjoyed was when the ladies shared funny baby stories.

Jackie was not about to be left out of this conversation, and in true Jackie style, she managed to shift the attention to herself by carrying on and getting all squeamish about baby’s feces.

Seriously Jackie, this is attention seeking at its highest caliber. If you can’t handle the baby talk, what makes you think you’ll be able to handle the baby?

Is this woman for real?


Despite the horrible weather, for me, the evening at the Beach Bar was memorable.  It was the first occasion that Lydia and I had the chance to chat since the mishap.  I was not waiting for an apology from Lydia,  I just wanted her to acknowledge that her actions had hurt Gamble and my relationship and therefore caused a bigger rift.

It wasn’t like I didn’t want to talk to Lydia, it was more like she did not make herself available to me.

I am a straight-up woman. I don’t take sh*t, I don’t need to say things to earn the approval of people. I am comfortable with who I am. I am happy Lydia and I agreed to put the past behind us and move forward.

That was until Jackie entered the scene.. And when I say that, I mean rudely interrupted a heart-to-heart among good friends.

Not only did Jackie hijack the beautiful conversation between Lydia and I, she then ignored my presence, my thoughts and tried to ‘put me down when I joined the conversation.

I was astonished that Lydia, after our emotional heart-to-heart didn’t bat an eyelid when Jackie spoke rudely to me.

They say one is the loneliest number but I’d rather go and sit alone than spend another moment caught up in all of the fakeness.


In the midst of all this, Gamble is very upset with Gina for leaving her party early. Some of the girls are exacerbating the situation without trying to calm an already emotional Gamble who has been drinking all night.

Poor Gamble was feeling very sorry about Gina’s early departure. Gamble wanted to spend every minute with Gina, however, Gamble pays no attention to the fact that all of us girls are with her celebrating.

Is it just me or has Gamble been rambling  “Gina isn’t here?”

I had no idea what Gina was planning, however,  I see nothing wrong with Gina taking time out to spend some time with her boys and watching her work.

However, honesty is something I value. Gina should have been upfront and honest about what she was planning. In my opinion, that’s where she has really failed. She lacked honesty.

Also, I must say Jackie and Janet’s mean girl behaviour here over another one of their liquid breakfasts, certainly didn’t help the situation. Friends should help not hinder.



Finally, the big day arrived and there we all were: on the beach, walking on the sand and grateful the sun was shining through.

Anyone would agree that a wedding is always a beautiful occasion, and Gamble’s wedding was defiantly no expectation!

Gamble made for a truly beautiful bride and I must admit that like Gina, I had tears in my eyes. Gina did a really good job as the future official celebrant.




Thanks for reading this week’s blog. There will be more fun and games next week!
Lot’s of love,




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