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RHOM, S3, Episode 4

By March 13, 2016RHOM Blog

I’m filled with mixed emotions when I look back at my reaction when Gamble handed me the invitation to her wedding. On one hand, I must admit that my timing was completely off. However, I did not feel completely confident that her invite to me was from the heart and sincerely wanted me at her home that day. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have invited me at the 11th hour, whilst the other girls were given ample notice. If she was hesitant to have me at her home, why on earth would she want me at her wedding?

My main intention for going to Gamble’s house that afternoon was to try and mend some fences. However, the only interaction I had from Gamble was “hello”, “you’re arrogant” and “get fucked”.

Merely, all I wanted to do was ensure that Gamble have a good think about inviting me, and whether she really wanted me there on her special day, as I didn’t want to impose.

I feel as though Gamble’s reaction was very dramatic and unnecessary.

Ep 4 New

The girls no doubt had picked a side, and no amount of explaining on my part would change their minds. Gamble was the victim (a role that she plays perfectly) and I was the perpetrator. When in reality it was the complete opposite. I have been attacked and ostracised by Gamble since day one. Many would agree that the intent of the invitation was questionable. One could assume that she was only trying to keep up appearances.

What I have said to Gamble has no comparison to the way she’s treated me. I should be the one suing her arse to the end of the earth. The problem is she will come back as the earth is round, and has no end.

From day one Gamble has called me awful things and attacked my character. Like for instance when she referred to me as ‘Nouveau Riche Barbie’ (for those who don’t know, Nouveau Rich means ‘new money’). I am not ashamed that I wasn’t born into money. It just means that I had to work bloody hard to get where I am today.

I try not to allow the girls to see me crumble. However, when they all gang up on me, its hard not to falter. I agree with everyone that my timing was far from perfect. However, I think my feelings towards the invitation were justified.

As per usual Jackie definitely had her claws out. She approaches me screaming and yelling whilst pulling those classic outrageous and dramatic faces (you guys know what I’m talking about).

Jackie is always looking for a chance to shoot me, and Gamble’s tears were an easy arrow.

Susie says that I should walk away and leave. It was pretty cruel for her to make that statement. Definitely a hard blow.

Just as I’m about to leave Gamble apologises for throwing my invitation, re-invites me and we hug and make up.

Jackie’s reaction to our reconciliation is not surprising. Jackie loves a good fight. She is visibly disappointed that this didn’t go further. Jackie thrives on bringing the group to shambles whilst making herself look like Mother Theresa. She gets off on watching other people fight and then interjects herself to make things worse. She should have just been happy that the drama was over, and that Gamble and I were trying to move on. Gamble was able to forgive and forget, why couldn’t Jackie?

Ep 4 New Jackie

Gamble’s wedding shower was definitely a roller-coaster of emotions.

It was heart-warming to hear the women talk about some of the heartache and tragic experiences in their lives.

When it was my turn to share my story, I decided to talk about how my father was unable to walk me down the isle at both of my weddings. Having my father walk me down the isle is a yearning that I will never be able to satisfy. I can downright say that the vulgar and disrespectful expressions, body language and stony-faced looks that Jackie so proudly displayed during my story were nauseating. For such a self-professed, spiritual truth-teller, Jackie’s comments about my story were condescending, obnoxious and rude. Jackie slamming me for sharing such an intimate part of my life was disgusting.

Ep 4 me.

Gamble’s shower was a beautiful occasion, and despite all the drama surrounding the wedding invitation, I was happy to be there. I can only imagine how lovely her wedding will be. I just hope Jackie can manage to keep her thirst for drama and turmoil in check.

As we have all heard, men are from Mars, women are from Venus and Jackie definitely speaks from her Ur-anus.

And she definitely took the bridezilla trophy today!

Until next time.

Lots of love,




  • Justine says:

    I know this was posted a while ago, but I just wanted to say that I agree that your timing was off with the invitation thing. However, you were completely justified in your feelings and intentions. Gamble was most definitely just trying to keep up appearances and didn’t want you there. This act of a phony olive branch have her more license to be a victim, as the demonic Jackie will always come to her aid, and the flying monkeys will follow. You are neither wrong nor delusional about that. i think that as you watch the season or re-watch it or what have you, that you should really focus on how you come across. The road to Hell is paved in good intentions, and often times people cannot see nor understand intentions, but they can grasp results. Work backwards and think of the result that you’d like first, and then keep in mind the steps it would take to get there. It will take some work, but you, like everyone else, deserve loving, rewarding, and reciprocated friendships and relationships :

  • Tania says:

    I support you completely. Can’t wait to see what happens next week

  • NinaE says:

    Stay strong Pettifluer. You are an amazing, strong woman. An inspiration.

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