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Pettifluer of Real Housewives Of Melbourne, Book “Switch The Bitch” Reviews Invaded By Trolls

By May 19, 2015Press

Real Housewives of Melbourne Cast Member; Pettifleur Berenger Book “Switch the Bitch: My Formula to Being the Champion of your Life” Falls Victim of Reviews Invaded By Trolls who never purchased the book

On Amazon.comPettifleur Berenger’s book,  Switch the Bitch: My Formula to Being the Champion of your Life has a 1 star rating and it’s not from any verified purchases; so, we decided to take a look at the reviews to find out what is so bad about the book, “Switch The Bitch” and why these trolls feel the need to leave 1 star reviews.  Now, if they actually purchased the book, no problem.. but they did not purchase the book.. Judging  “Switch The Bitch” from watching, The Real Housewives Of Melbourne it appears Pettifleur’s book is more like an essay and not a book (?)


Switch the Bitch: My Formula to Being the Champion of your Life

For those of you who do not know, a “Verified Purchase” is exactly that: A Verified Purchase.  When you look at reviews on Amazon, let’s take for example, Robert Hoffamn’s book, “Kate Gosselin, How Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall Of Reality TV Queen”  The book received SEVERAL false negative reviews, however, the book did receive several verified purchase reviews and positive reviews.

In the case with Pettifleur’s book, Switch The Bitch–not one of these reviews are a “verified purchase”  One “reviewer” Carol Kurek admits she will never read the book;

Click to see Carol Kuerick's Reviews on Amazon

Carol Kurek does have other reviews on Amazon, not that it matters because you have to buy something in order to leave any reviews.. Another “reviewer”who calls him or herself a Melbourne Criminologist, this person has only one review and the one review this person did leave a review for, “Switch The Bitch” Petitefleur’s book, the review is more of an attack than a review.

1.0 out of 5 stars Switch the Bitch? No, DITCH THE WITCH!, May 11, 2015
After watching the Real Housewives of Melbourne I was intrigued by Pettifleur and her delusional character. At first, I thought she was acting desperatly to live up to the “higher” profile of the season one ladies. However; as the show progressed I realised that Pettiefleur was anything but elegant, sophisticated or glamourous. Ms Berenger is quick to remind viewers how she had to constantly work hard to get where she is. That she lived the life of poverty before arriving to her newly created wealth. Her behaviour on the show, reminiscent of a tantrum “know it all” child is not something I would call qualities to empower women – something she claims her book does using a “formula”.I may be digressing, though I think it is important for readers who seek self-help and some form of guidence obtain such from a realiable source. A book which claims to empower women it is not. This book focuses on personal problems with solutions entered which may differ from one person o another. It does not offer any form of empowerment. This book – at best – is a representation of Ms Berenger and her personal experiences (A snippet of her biography, perhaps), but to claim it and spin it off as a self-help, empowering tool is just ludicrous.Hovering over one star, it said “I hate it” – and that struck a cord with me because there isnt very much I hate. Thankfully, Ms Berenger has managed to make me realise that byreading her book, I too can indeed hate.

One Star is overly generous and for that Ms Berenger should be gracious. Such a high rating is not by choice – however. An editor would of worked wonders in grammatical, type setting and execution. This book is poorly written and though I ultimately understand (assuming) what she alludes to, in some cases these were poorly conveyed.”

We also found it interesting Pettifleur had nine negative reviews  (as of 5-14-2015) and only 7 copies were sold on Amazon according to Novel Rank. And no, this does no mean Pettifleur only sold seven books in all, Pettifluer’s book is available on Barnes & Nobles and her website Pettifleur.com (Hey Pettifleur, not everyone can see your background heading on twitter, might not be a bad idea to put your website link on the “website” space on your twitter profile, just saying)

We are not going to highlight every review and profile all of  the reviews, that is not the point of this post, the point of this post is to point out how trolls can over run ones reviews. Look, you don’t have to like Pettifleur, but right do you think you have to leave a negative review when you have not read the book? I have reviewed plenty of books for Reality TV Stars and am not in the habit of purchasing books because I am behind on the books I have already, but whatever issue you have with Pettifleur–no one deserves this.

I am going to give Pettifleur some unsolicited advice and reserve further comment at this point; I don’t want to assume another Housewife from Melbourne may behind this, hey, it wouldn’t be the first time a Housewife was caught leaving negative reveiws on another Housewife’s book. Remember, Jill Zarin left negative reviews for Alex McCord & Bethenny Frankel books?

Our Unsolicited Advice to Pettifleur

  1. Contact Amazon, tell them your sales and demand the names to be matched
  2. Contact Amazon and demand their reviews not count, show them the review specifically where it says, ” I would never buy this book”
  3. If Amazon does not cooperate, pull the book from Amazon and sue them for not giving you a fair book review process
  4. Reduce the book and sell it only on your website and deliver the digital book yourself.

Trolls. Trolls. Trolls. Shame on you.

Article: RealityTVScandals.com