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Naked Blend: Kapai Puku

By November 22, 2016Health & Fitness

One of the health food items that I absolutely love, and therefore, have included in my Superfood basket, is the Australian made and owned, Naked Blend Kapai Puku.

This incredible blend is a high source of fibre, raw ingredients and wholegrains including Chia Seeds, Linseeds and Sesame Seeds.

Kapai Puku is actually one of the highest fibre energy sources on the market today. Whatโ€™s also great about this product is that itโ€™s made completely from natural ingredients andย contains no added salt, diary, nuts or preservatives.

The Kapai Puku can be served in many different ways and is the nutritious, yet convenient, addition to any meal.

Personally, I like to have it with my cereal. But you can also enjoy it in baked goods, smoothies or cooked with Stir-fryโ€™s or even in omelettes.

I high recommend that you give this product a go. It’s tasty, easy to consume and incredibly wholesome.

Also, don’t forget to enter my competition to win this product among many of my other favourite items in my Superfood Basket giveaway, by entering the code word ‘Food is Medicine’ while registering.

Strong is the new beautiful,


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