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Halfway Through FITober!

By October 20, 2016Health & Fitness

Congratulations, you’re halfway through FITober and well on your way to making the change to be healthy and happy! I want you to remember strong is the new beautiful.

Focus on you for 30-45 mins each day. Your competition is staring at you in the mirror. Remember your energy is limitless when you focus on where you’re going and what your accomplishing. You need to have the foundations of strength and stamina for a healthier mind and body.

FITober is not about being healthy and active during just October-it is the starting point of your journey to having a fit and healthy lifestyle! No more excuses from here on! Get your body moving and start looking after yourself! The best shape of your life starts here! 

Keep up the excellent work and don’t stop now! Summer isn’t the only time to be looking fit and fabulous, there are still nine other months!

Pettifleur x 

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