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Episode 4, Outfit #1

By March 13, 2016Fashion

Old Wedding Dress
In 1998, I walked into a shop in Armadale. It was a fabric store, and I got talking to the owner and she said that she had a dress designer who does bridal dresses. Soon after I met up with him to discuss my dress design and hired him to make it for me. Two things that I’ll never forget: the dress was very tight around my bodice and I said to him “what happens when my stomach gets bloated after I eat?” he turned around and said, “you don’t eat, hunny, this is couture.” The other thing he forgot to do was put his label on the dress and I said to him “If you become a famous designer, I would own one of your dresses.” Who knew that I would own a dress by a designer without a label that has been on national TV?
Sadly I don’t remember his name, and the shop is gone! If the designer reads this blog and recognizes this dress and me, please contact me. So you can stitch your label on the dress!


It was really nice to take a vintage wedding dress and put a modern spin on the look.



I wore a tiara on my wedding day with this dress, I gave it a modern look by wearing a head piece which is very current and owned by Lynetta one of my H&M artist. It was a perfect match to the dress. After all a girl must wear something borrowed.



A flash of my dress to Chyka, showing the cut and style, which is timeless in my humble opinion.


A view of the back. It is beaded like the front.


A close look of the lace and beading detail.


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.58.05 pm

I wanted a hollywood glamour look, classy, yet sexy.

I picked my favourite lip colour a bright crimson custom blend, a nude eye.

Hair Lynetta Ramani

Makeup Malama Bobotis

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